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So I came out to Long Island 'cause my mom's really not been doing well since that little girl, Danielle, died on Tuesday.

I got back here to an empty house, no one around. So I shoveled the driveway and the walks so they'd be done when my mom got back. Until she started shrinking a couple years ago, I was the shortest and physically weakest in my family, so everything is kind of up out of my reach and too heavy for me, but I think I did an okay job. It's kind of sad for your 50-year-old parents to be that much stronger than you, but oh well.

My dad just called after playing massive phone tag all afternoon. I've left him three messages and his phone hasn't picked up any of them. The wake is tonight :( I didn't realize that, so I guess my mom won't be around until it's over. I'm really hungry, there's nothing to eat here except pie. Oh, wait. Pie.

I forgot my pills in my apartment. I need to figure out a way to get more because I'm not sure what I'll be like without them. I feel so terrible, that I've made my family put so much effort into my problems of late when there are little kids dying in hospitals. So I'm feeling bad. So lighten the fuck up, I have so much. I feel like such an ingrate.

I'm going to be on and off this weekend while I'm here, at least once my mom gets back, my mom's kind of a wreck from what my dad says, so I think I'm going to have to be looking after her at least a bit and not on the computer, since she always drops everything to take care of me. I want to play Samhain and I don't want to ditch you guys again but my mom asks so little of me that I need to be there for her if she needs me. But I'll try to let you guys know what's going on. I'm just worried about her.
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