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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
caroline + james = love 4 ever

and lanclott has the hots for ambrose's wife.

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I refuse to call you a dick because you aren't good at being one.

I'm good at being Ambrose. I'm just not good at me being one :(

This is, of course, a huge personal failing of yours.

I think Jess gets the dick icon from now on.

if i remembered how to do the "true love" thing i would be doing it right now.

ahaha, i remember doing that in like..grade 5...

eee laura showed me how to do it

Caroline Maitland
James Goddard

T-1 L-2
R-2 O-2
U-0 V- 0
E-2 E-2


Holy crap, is true luv binary?!?

that's actually a pretty impressive percentage. :p

try lanclott/ambrose if you think that's impressive

I think James needs to look past the easily injured girls and realize what he really needs: someone who will stick up for him when he's getting arrested.

Exactly! IT'S LUUUUV!!! <3 <3 <3

Man, and here I was thinking that Lanclott wanted in Ambrose's pants. And possibly Otis's too, but Otis doesn't have a wife to compete with.

Lanclott wants in everybody's pants. Unless they wear skirts. At which point he wants in those, too.

Well, that's good. I want in Lanclott's pants too. :D Or his skirts, if he ever decided to wear some. ^^

Hey, I get dibs on Lanclott's pants.

It kind of frightens me that you say that with an icon labeled "dick."

i'm a man, baby :P

okay, finding train schedule now.

it just scares me all around. j/k.

love the icon though

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