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i was approached by seven strange men

who were all dying to ask me to dance with them. i said:
wait till it's later; i'm torn apart.
i can't feel my feet on the floor right now.
the only hand i want on my shoulder is yours.
walking to my doom across the playground.

these are the lines stuck in my head as i took the subway to work today. my livejournal moods do not include "mysterious." poop.

i had interesting dreams, and i was in them again, which is a rare occurrence. in the first one, iwas the next planned victim of a serial killer. i got home (to my parents house) from work (which was not the work i have now, i think i was an actress) and knew he was in my house. i waited outside and called the cops, then let a few minutes elapse. i opened the front door and just inside was a plastic heart-shaped container full of candy wrapped in pink & white tissue paper. there was also a spikey dog collar in it. the cops sent this guy over and he entered the house behind me. i asked if i could leave. he nodded and told me to be careful. i went back outside. a car full of people who i think i knew in my dream were there and i got in the car. we all waited outside in my driveway and after a few minutes the serial killer, who was not someone i knew, was thrown out the top window of my house and lay in the flowerbeds.

then i had another dream that was totally disconnected but we were talking about the serial killer and how odd it was that i was obviously a planned victim of someone i had never met. anyway, in this one mikey and colin and i were in a bookstore that also sold video games. mikey and colin were looking at this game system that had just come out with some really breakthrough sound mixing software for the game system, which was really cool, and they were talking about how this thing was going to be showcased at some jazz festival. then colin showed us some little kids' book abot a little mouse that alison had sent him in the mail. we looked at a bunch of kids' books and little felt cars. it was good. that's all.
Tags: dreams, song lyrics:mine
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