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worst. personality test. ever.
cap, captain miss america

Archetype Test Results

The Spyglass (ISTJ)

Often concerned with right and wrong, and punctilious in expressing it, the Spyglass is best represented by the Customs Agent or the IRS inspector. This personality believes above all in the smooth and ordered flow of life. Initially seen by others as cold or uncaring, this personality is difficult for those more spontaneous members of society to understand. They appreciate plans and the best plan is one that has been used many times before.

Similarly, this personality is extremely stable, responsible and dependable. They manifest an amazing ability to concentrate on the issue at hand, and are difficult to distract from issues that are important. They tend to be excellent and devoted employees and are often detail-oriented workhorses.

These types tend to view others who don't have the same sense of order as undisciplined and lazy. They manifest a great sense of loyalty to their employers and their government. Their word is their bond and once this type agrees to something it is as if they had signed a contract in blood. They tend to show their love through a display of committed works, believing that actions speak louder than words. Even though their emotions and love for others may run very deep, this type of personality will often find it difficult to verbalize.

The Spyglass will often have a dry or sarcastic sense of humor, and their practicality leads them to mock anything that is unusual or irrelevant. They are also resistant to change and tend to believe that the old ways are best. If a behavior has been successful in the past, why would anyone want to change?

Easily frustrated by confusing inconsistencies, the Spyglass works best in a controlled environment. Never one to deny their opinions, the Spyglass nevertheless doesn't feel the need to broadcast his voice to the world. Also, they have difficulty realizing when other people's needs are different from their own needs. This can cause much confusion in a relationship.

Excellent ground troops, referees and sports figures, the Spyglass is a doggedly determined foe, and a loyal friend, who will, however, never let devotion get in the way of truth. The policeman who loves and yet arrests his wife is typical of this personality type.

On occasion this appreciation for the clockwork order of the world can turn into fatalism in the more depressed Spyglass personality. Similarly, despite a sense of the inevitability of life's more unpleasant aspects, the Spyglass will work unflinchingly and with unswerving dedication for those goals he or she deems worthy. Spyglass personalities tend to be very thrifty and don't like to waste money on recreation or useless things. For this reason they often find it difficult to relax and have a good time. Joy can be seen as unproductive, or worse as dangerous. For this reason, many Spyglass personalities will relax by engaging in a productive hobby, such as woodworking or gardening.

Spyglass personalities need to make an effort to be demonstrative in their affections, not just physically but verbally as well. Try to avoid being overly rigid about your beliefs and your sense of order. There are moments when you need to seize the day and run with an opportunity; it is the job of this personality to recognize those moments when they occur and to grab them on the spot. Don't be afraid to express your sense of humor, because it is often better and more amusing than you realize. Allow yourself some time to play.

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that wins the "dumbest test ever" award.

the orange pyramid is going to KILL ME!

Indeed, I am a catapult.
Seriously, it's the most insane test ever. "Which object owes you money?" "Which shape is most trustworthy?" "Which shape is most efficient?"
Perhaps they're hoping that if you take the test questions seriously, you're just insane enough that the results won't matter at all--you probably think your monitor is a fishbowl, anyway.

That's the bloody weirdest personality test I've ever taken. Uh, apparently I'm a sunset. I didn't even bother to read the results.

What object LOVES me more? Er. Right.

I'm apparently a secret, which means I am "quiet and self-assured."

Couldn't be more wrong.

The big orange triangle wants to kill me. I just know it.

Dude, I took it. I got a Catapult.

As if being inaccurate weren't enough, they also have to have lame-ass, completely unrelated names, too?

I got strange results...

ADODB.Field error '800a0bcd'
Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
/types/report_archetype.asp, line 12

Personally, I'm not familiar with this archetype but it's certainly unique.

Fricking orange square owes me money, dammit.

I am the dandelion, the one who is constantly being hacked to tiny fragments by the weed-eater of life.

Well, that's not what the thingy said, I think, but I didn't really read it.

Who else needs to get their money back from the square?

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