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for pixle
cap, captain miss america

I could go on and on forever, I'm a total movie buff. But I'm cutting myself off at fifteen because I couldn't stop at ten.

The Mystery of Rampo: Japanese, hard to find, but definitely worth picking up if you see it. Bizarre and gorgeous and super, super pretentious.

Breakfast at Tiffany's: The best romantic comedy ever made. (starring Audrey Hepburn)

Charade: The best Hitchcock film Hitchcock never made. (starring Audrey Hepburn)

North by Northwest: The best Hitchcock film Hitchcock did make (starring Cary Grant...notice something?)

To Kill A Mockingbird: Probably the greatest adaptation ever made, and also my dad would never forgive me if I didn't put it on here. I don't understand how that courtroom listened to a piece of white trash and not Gregory Peck. :( I mean, what are they going to do, find a HOTTER lawyer?

It's a Wonderful Life: The movie that got me through being a depressed teenager.

The Night of the Hunter: Lillian Gish with a shotgun. Evil psycho-killer preachers. Brother Left Hand, Brother Right Hand. Droool.

The Graduate: Hello, soundtrack! Shots of old lady boobies! ELAIIIINE! WOOHOO!

Orson Welles' Othello: The movie that inspired the shower scene in Psycho, and the best interpretation of Othello's character ever-- and a Desdemona that is actually a three-dimensional character. Unfortunately, Iago isn't as good as Branagh's portrayal, but it's a gorgeous movie.

The Hunchback of Notra Dame (Disney): Yes, the gargoyles suck, yes, the watering-down of the story sucks, but this movie has the greatest Disney Villain ever and a gorgeous gorgeous soundtrack. Plus, the protrayal of the gypsies is phenomenal.

The Princess Bride: Hello. My name is Best Swordfight Ever.

Labyrinth: David Bowie! Jennifer Connelly! Where to drool first?!

Sleeping Beauty (Disney): My favorite childhood movie. Beautiful art. The other bst villain ever, and the best comic relief team in Disney (Flora, Fauna, Meriweather). And I think the first Disney movie to successfully employ irony in the scene where Maleficent tells Philip that true love conquers all.

Spaceballs: The movie I always watched when I was home sick as a kid. Great, great parody, especially for someone who likes sci-fi movies besides just Star Wars and can pick up on everything.

My Man Godfrey: This movie never ceases to crack me up. Carlo pretending to be a monkey is just the most preposterous thing ever.

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I can't believe I forgot Spaceballs, Labernyth and the Princess Bride.

True story: we watched to Kill a Mocking Bird at school after reading the book and half the class slept on it. X_x Guess you can't get teenagers to enjoy classics much. Hell, some didn't even think the Monthy Python movies were funny.

are they insane? Monty Python KICKS EVERYTHING! (not just ass)

and tea--I'd have to agree on all your choices except the ones I haven't seen.

I love the part where the fairies are making Aurora's cake and dress. That was my favourite part of the movie. It should have been a pink cake, by the way.

I'll agree with you on the cake because there's just something I love about pink cartoon cakes, but the pink dress made her look like Barbie. Yuck.

SPACEBALLS! I loved that movie growing up. :D

To Kill A Mockingbird: Indeed, the hottest lawyer, ever. Really. Even if he wasn't really a lawyer, in real life. But he played one. So that counts.

The Princess Bride: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my father; prepare to die. And also prepare to watch the greatest movie, ever, my friend."

Spaceballs: Possibly the greatest spoof movie ever made. If you haven't done so already, buy "Spaceballs: the DVD". A true fan will not only find the title pretty hilarious, the director's commentary is priceless.

Seriously? Spaceballs: the DVD? *adds to list of DVDs to buy* That's friggin brilliant.

And thank you, tea, for recognizing the brilliance that is Charade :)

Oh yes. It's a totally worthwhile purchase. The menus are adorable and the comment track was an absolute thumbs up. :D

I will so totally look into it! :D

my man loves Breakfast at Tiffany's too

what a shame i really can't stand watching movies. his whole family is quite pissed at me for this, cinema for them is some kind of 'must do' thing

What, no Gregg Araki?


I feel less crazy for loving "God Help the Outcasts" from Disney's "the Hunchback" now.

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