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merrye chriftmaffe eve
cap, captain miss america
i need an icon to use when i'm in a grumpy mood.

i'm not really that grumpy, only my nose is producing enough snot to feed a third world country at the moment. i am totally comtrex'd out at the moment.

spent the weekend with haruspexy and liret staying up till obscene hours and sacrificing gingerbeasts. it feels like that was ages ago, geesh, but i think it was just three days ago. i caught nate's sick, so i hope i didn't pass it on to anyone, i've very very sorry if i did. my mommy made me chicken rice soup and yerba mate tea and i am taking lots of zinc pills.

monday we went up to haruspexy's relatives' house and i got to meet her mom and sisters, which was cool. we went shopping, which is always bad once you've finished your xmas shopping for everyone else because you start buying things for yourself. haruspexy, i think i left flash up there if you can find him. and liret, you left a LOT of important things at my house so you need to come back to get them :P

as already noted, we finally saw RotK, i was mostly happy with it, besides one quarter of the movie being endings, and they did a bangup job with eowyn and faramir, especially considering i really wasn't happy with faramir in the last movie. i kind of had forgiven it but this one was a lot better. and i liked the giant Sign of Stone on the hill. i think we snorted through about a quarter of the movie. oh, so i went home last night and reread the black cauldron because of the whole destroying something that allows its master to create a devil army by falling into it thing (even though it's technically the ring falling into it) and even though the movie version changes BC, the book is pretty much the same thing, ellidyr is compelled by greed to steal the cauldron and wants to keep it for himself and becomes obsessed with the power it can give him even though he insists he's going to destroy it, and then, in the end, he's the one who destroys it :P so there must be something in the original stories about falling into *something.*

katie wrote the best fic ever and now i am making massive puppy eyes in her direction so she deigns to write the backstory. maybe we should make that next month's challenge :D

the funny thing about christmas shopping for our family is that the girl is the one who gets the action movies and the boy is the one who gets the bubble bath. :P christmas shopping for my brother is bad because my mom just ends up buying me more movies.

i have to run back out, do more shopping. sniffle, sniffle. i'll be around later.

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katie wrote the best fic ever and now i am making massive puppy eyes in her direction so she deigns to write the backstory. maybe we should make that next month's challenge :D

Oh, sure, make it officially required. Evil.

And you know, I never thought of that aspect of LOTR related to The Black Cauldron. Hmm. I wonder if there is a connection there via mythological stuff.

oh, we already knew they were based on the same mythology. the hunt & cernunnos are in both, there's a lot of the same visuals and symbolism and stuff, and the marshes are in both of them, and the young innocent being given some tremendous burden of a quest. and eowyn=eilonwy, pretty much. we were just trying to find the specifics.

(Deleted comment)
thanks! you can have some of my snot if you like!

I'll find flash, no worries. I'm going to go to toys 'r' us while I'm in the city on friday to get gl, so then they can have some justice league loving.

if katie writes the back story, I'll give up my dibs on vimes so she can play him in shiver.

that would actually be a really cool challenge, too. "Write the backstory for character X..."

Get well. Not soon, now.

I barely managed to fit the stuff I did have on the bus with me. :-P

soo... you have to come back a few times?

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