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merry christmas, fattie!
cap, captain miss america
haruspexy knows what this is about, so i might as welll explain it to everyone else.

every year, my dad buys me an angel figurine and my brother a bear figurine. usually they have something to do with something we did in the past year. so, like, i got an angel with a computer.

my dad got my brother a BEAR ON A SCALE because he GAINED FORTY POUNDS. but my mom wouldn't let me throw baby jesus at him. so now i'm wrapping up the old bathroom scale and putting it in my dad's present pile. :D

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Sounds like true family caring. Actually, it sounds like my family.

What a cute tradition. XD

Merry Christmas. :>


just don't tell your dad I laughed so I can come back one day.

oh, no, i think repeat invitations are granted based on who mocks my dad the most. so it's okay.

My grandmother bought me striped mens boxers for chrismas, because i put on my list
Pinstripe Pinstripe Pinstripe,Shirts,Pants,Underwear.
So thats the only striped underwear she found. I got two pair.

That's _hilarious_. Evil, yes, but _hilarious_.

Your mom sounds like mine. My dad's always being sooo funny like that (right) and I throw a napkin at him or something and she yells at me. Maybe she's scared she's next? :P

oh, no, it was more about hurting baby jesus.

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