tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

It's a fight to the finish let there be no doubt

i'm leaving in a few hours for my lovely vacation in puerto rico with my mommy. there are a bunch of people i wanted to have xmas presents for but it went a little slow so some of you will be getting new year's or 12th night presents instead, i hope.

i had a nice christmas even though i felt like barbossa because i couldn't taste any of my food. i've been informed that vicodin is sold over the counter in PR so if the sickness persists, fwee.

i will be back tuesday evening, i think i need to stop back here before i go into the city since there's a bunch of crap that i need to get from here to the city.

ahhhh i'm about to leave and of course i let the cat into the house to say bye bye kitty and the cat starts making prowly noises because the ferrets escaped again and are hiding INSIDE THE OVEN. because, you know, that's where ferrets belong.

love and rum to everybody.
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