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Greetings from Sunny Puerto Rico
cap, captain miss america
hey everybody. I'm here and safe and LJ is being wonky and ate my post so:

--phone works.
--free internet in hotel. can't check mail but can check lj, boards. will try and get on in the lateish nights.
--hotel is beautiful.
--out of batteries for camera. :( need ned ones so i can take photos of donny and lorcan and lanclott and ambrose fighting over who gets the bed.

later, yo.

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didn't we have that "no more slash involving characters that we don't mind accidently hooking up" discussion yet? :(

there's no slash!! and i think you worded that wrong.

geez, two guys share a bed and it's automatically "slash"is it?

I did word it wrong, but there's no edit on livejournal.

It is the way you write. :P

my new lanclott is helping me type. i need to mess around with the other guys so i can get a whole crew.

Arguing over who gets the bed? Pfft, they can all shaare a bed ^.~

Mweee! Have a fabulous time!

Free 'net in hotels is the best ever. All the hotels I've been to have charged infinity squared for internet.

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