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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america

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~gasp!~ Your hair is all short!


... fluff is to a minimal! *gasp* O'course, it's still absolutely adorable, so I cannot complain. Seriously, you could shave half your head and dye the rest of it avacado and you'd still be cute. You're just that cool. :D

You made it sound like a problem. IT IS SO CUTE!

tea needs to dye her hair so she can look even more like del.

Tea is very pointy and squishable. Very very squishable in a very cute and pixielike way. :D

Tea got a haircut! It's cool, I would probably mess up my hair if I did that...

eeee, so cool! you seem to have a drastic change of hair every year i've known you :P


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