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mikey is being a new england bigot and grumbling at the TV because they are showing clear chowder.

i like new england chowder, myself.

i am in a grouchy mood. too much work. and i don't want to go back to work on any of the KiSS sets i have languishing on my 'puter. pooh. i also want to do that old-school reviews project but i haven't gotten it together yet. pooh pooh.

i had more of that song from yesterday stuck in my head this morning, about asking the police not to arrest the ego char for murder. i think i figured out who it is about, it is about another person who i have a KiSS set of part-done on my computer. i think that one is never getting finished, the one of fredje. i think i need to go back to writing for a while. i think i need a vacation.

i already knew that.
we have a new scanner, i started scanning in pics of me with my orange hair and my amelie wig but those aren't up anywhere yet. amelie wig, you ask? so i have this little black bobbed wig. i was wearing it sometime last fall and someone told me i looked like "that chick from that jeunet movie" which was before i had even heard of it. no, i am not as cute as amelie. but i used to play those games with people. sometimes i still do, but they take so much time. anyway, there is something awesome about one of my pics of me in my amelie wig but i won't tell you here. i will post the pic and you will have to see.

oh, mikey and i saw pacte des loups with jack on sunday. it sucked boobies. whore's boobies. a lot of them. it was so sad, because it was so very promising, but it was basically a french costume drama rip off of princess mononoke with bad fight choreography. it was very poopy. some parts were cool. one of the whores worked for the pope.

somebody had a crying baby in that movie. i call that truly sick.

my hands are hurtin' i guess that means it is time to stop.
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