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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
in the future, i am buying all my furniture pre-assembled.

so far, the bed came with four pieces missing and i've lost two bolts while putting it together. they rolled away and disappeared because, well, this was clearly never meant to be put together by one person. the directions aren't labelled with which piece you're supposed to use where, the holes aren't punched evenly to fit the bolts in, and my screwdriver smells funny.

but, as ineffablecow says:

"Well, at least the plus is that when you get all worn out from putting it together you can collapse on it."

That is, if I ever finish.

And, for ineffablecow's personal amusement:

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If the bed doesn't behave soon, the TEA LIBERATION FRONT will sneak in and screw it together into a primitive-yet-functional, medieval war engine. (Which will, of course, be used to fling cows.) Bed, consider yourself warned!


They make it hard on purpose.. but it could be worse. It could have been the type of wooden contraption that requires that you screw in the screws in raw wood. Or EVEN worse... no screws but wood glue so you're stuck holding the damn thing for like three hours.

o.O; there's furniture that requires you to use wood glue? isn't that dangerous?

No, wood glue is non-toxic as far as I know. My dresser was a wood glue piece.. my dad HATES waiting for wood glue to dry so instead he bought a drill just to put the thing together(this was when I was in colorado and away from home). Wood glue is actually stronger than nails or screws when used properly. :3

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