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AHAHAHAHAHA Who's your mommy, bitch?

yeah, so it's kind of embarassing when you spend an entire day trying to put something together by, you know, following the directions, and none of it works, and you take it apart and start from scratch and say "to hell with the directions, asshole!" and try putting it together your own damn self and the whole thing, start to finish, takes 2 hours and 4 minutes. anyway, i am going to completely crash now, i don't want to know how many bruises i'm going to have, i'm fairly certain i broke at least one toe, but I HAVE A BED WOOHOO. i am a master craftsman.

2:36 am: none of the stupid fucking screws fit. i've already taken this stupid thing apart entirely twice and there are about 20 screws that are too short to hold the goddamn wood in place with.

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