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on drawing
cap, captain miss america
Still life and me is like broccoli and many people. I know it is good for me and will expand my physical abilities, but I just can't bring myself to enjoy it or eat it with cheddar sauce.

I appreciate that there are people who have a gift as far as drawing from life. I think it's a very cool thing to be able to do. I even find it enjoyable to draw people from life, as it improves my ability to draw people from my imagination. But I just don't enjoy doing it, and while I can do it fairly well when I put my mind to it, it's something I have to be in the mood to do and spending an entire day drawing inanimate objects that will not improve my ability to convincingly render fictional characters (unless someone wants to play a sentient radish) makes me a bit weary. It's hard work, looking that intensely at things, and usually when I draw, I am doing it to relax, not to strain my eyes-- I do that enough as a matter of course.

Today we spent three hours drawing radishes and beets. Not only did this make me intensely hungry because I hadn't eaten dinner yet, but it was a very frustrating process because beets are not people, and neither are radishes, and they were real beets and radishes and not ones I had to imagine and then render without a model.

I tried to pretend my radishes were fancy goldfish, which ameliorated the process somewhat, but it was still a bit aggravating and I burnt out by the end. So now I'm going to chill and draw imaginary people, which is what I do best. And what I like to do.

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I'll play a sentient radish, if that helps.

And I'm sure you'd make it into a highly interesting and entertaining character, too.

That's understandable. Personlly I love drawing still-life...one morning I sat and drew folds on clothing for like an hour...then I sketched my living room and, and once I sat and drew my friend's cat. I SUCK at drawing, but I enjoy it...no matter what it is.

^^;; As someone who does life drawing, I can agree that still lifes = not fun. I've gotten accustomed to drawing quickly.

know how you feel. oi...

recent sketch that was supposed to be semi-realistic of one of my characters... i ended up using a pic of orlando bloom of all people to get the structure of the face even remotely similar. *facepalm*

Drawing can be very tiring, I agree. Imaginary people are fun to draw. Sounds like you're having a good time with the class!

That's exactly why I skipped my drawing class today. I just couldn't bring myself to sit through 4 hours of drawing cherries and spoons.

how on earth does it take four hours to draw little vegetables?

still, if the whole cast of shiver gets turned into radishes, and people are having trouble imagining radish characters, it could come in very useful.

your journal didn't want me to comment on things in your last post, but I have the same problem. Well.. I usaully have to empty to dishwasher, and since that annoys me, I make up ways to get around that.

I don't know if you like burritos or not but:
take a damp paper towel and place tortilla on it.
put whatever you like on said tortilla,
then place in microwave for 1 min or less, depending.
Then: Soft tortilla, warm thing to wrap around the burrito and no clean up.

I also do the old, put veggies on a plate, put dip on plate, bam. One plate.

And I reuse cups.

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