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metropolis came :D
cap, captain miss america
eee i am such a dork. this movie is so cool.


anyway, i have a question for all those of you living alone without a dishwasher.

i've always had a dishwasher, well, since i was four, except for in college, when there were usually bunches of people around to wash dishes or take turns or whatever.

anyway, i'm just getting frustrated because quick, healthy meals for one person that don't require using a lot of dishes-- well, where to start? i've been eating a lot of soup and udon, but i'm just not crazy about having to cook things that require that i wash up prep dishes or pots/pans in addition to what i'm eating out of-- takes too much time, and i wind up being a lazy ass and piling things up in the sink. soooo...suggestions? i am not a picky eater as far as types of food (there are some things i won't eat, like bananas, eggplant, or squash) but i am picky as far as quality, things like frozen TV dinners or canned ravioli just don't appeal to me and i can't stomach 'em.

ooh, and haruspexy, i got a new brand of cheese sticks!

agh, and artdeco, thank you for pointing out that there was no commenty on this. blargh.

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Besides soup, dishwasherless me is eating a lot of:
-Bagged salad
-Sandwiches - hot and cold... mmm veggie meatball sandwich. (I've been buying ridiculous macrobiotic sprouted wheat bread, so even PB&J makes that step up to "healthy meal")
-Wraps & not-quite quesadillas. (Pretty much sandwiches, I guess.)
-Instant beans-rice-seasoning iterations. The Goya ones are good, and the Zatarain's are pretty nice too.
-The Glad OvenWare stuff is a total must... oven to table to fridge. The best part is being able to carry your, say, pigeon peas and rice from the microwave to the table without needing a plate or trivet.
-Baked topatoes! (And sweet topatoes, but I know you hate those.)

P.S. Coco Pazzo Soup! So much beans.

My sink still fills up with glasses and prep knives, but not nearly as quickly.

Well, I've never had the luxury of a dishwasher (sybarites, the lot of you!). I dunno if I'll be able to help all that much on the easy-dinners-for-one thing, though, since I'm either cooking for several or, when left to myself, live entirely on a diet of potatoes with broccoli and cheese. Or just broccoli and cheese. Broccoli and fettucine is also very good, as is a broccoli-cheese-rice bake. Mmm, broccoli.

My big recommendation would be to cook in advance and freeze - if you'll be wanting hamburger or cooked chicken to use in meals, cook up a bunch and freeze it in individual portions (those little ziploc containers work great for this). Cooking meat always makes a mess, so it's good to get that all out of the way at once. Casseroles, chili and such also freeze well. This takes a bit of time on the day you do the cooking-in-advance, but more than pays for itself later. Your microwave has a defrost setting for a reason!

Fat-free refried beans on tostada shells with salsa, cheese, and veggies is good and requires no cookware.

It also saves dishes if you eat out of the pot you cooked it in. :)~

I'm eating a lot of crab wraps. I put in tomato, cucumber, mayo, mustard, cheese, and artificial crab meat or mayo. I find that they're filling and the only thing I have to wash is a plate, a knife, a spoon, and my cutting board.

i just read that in your journal! it sounds so yummy. will try.

I eat a lot of Lipton side noodle packs - they're technically side dishes, but are a good size for a meal for one person. They come in lots of flavors, are really quick to make, and it's a one dish meal if you eat it out of the pot you cook it in.

stouffers. their maccaroni and cheese is the bomb, and it comes in a little tray, so at the most you have to rinse it for recycling. pizza bagels and frozen pizza come with microwave trays now, so those get thrown away, and if you eat off of it, you don't have any dishes to wash.

Spaghetti O's and Ramen noodles can also be cooked in a bowl in the microwave, and you can even get microwave hot dogs and bacon.

Then for desert, ice cream straight from the little hagan-das cardboard container.

Edit: Oh wait, you said healthy...

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