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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
question for shiver

whether or not you are in the game right now, would anyone be interested in playing someone REALLY evil?

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Like, psychopath evil.. or Hitler evil? that would be fun.

we'd like to hear about what kind of evil interested parties would like to play.

well, mean ruthless slightly pyschopathic conniving bastards who are dark and scare little kids are fun. i can do that.

I'd be interested. What kind of evil, I don't know. I'm generally not good at the 'naturally evil' types, the demons and beings of evil and stuff like that, but I think I can write more human evil. Maybe not a mass-murderer type, but someone ruthless and calculating and sociopathic.

O.O How frequent is the posting? I might be interested. It's fun having a character that can be unapologetically nasty.

the character in question would be necessary to a plotline, so since i know you're not crazy about messageboards, i wouldn't suggest this to you to start.

the way shiver works is that you post very frequently when you choose to play, but you don't have to play more than once every couple weeks (the more you play, the more you get into the storyline, so the stories revolve most around people who play every day or so, but you can get in and out of things even if you play less-frequently). for example, you post a few sentences, then someone else posts a few sentences back, then you post a few sentences back, usually between 5 and 20 minutes between posts when you're playing a scene.

if you'd like to try shiver out, just fill out the blurbs, we can get you set up with a character, and the worst that happens is you don't like it and you don't play and your character either gets killed off or faded out. you could totally try playing someone really nasty, though.

*grin* Well, as I trust you to be a decent RPer and mod, I may get over my dislike of messageboard RPGs this way. They'll probably never be my _favoured_ form of RPing, but I may like them better.

I think the only kind that I'm unlikely to be able to get over my dislike of is MUSHes, because of my tendency to get up and randomly walk away from the computer. . .which is really not good when the RPing is happening in real time.

::coughcough:: We-eeeelll. If you need more I'd be glad to take on ANOTHER psycopathicly psycopathic character!

Depends on what you mean by Really evil

That depends on what sort of evil you want to play. :D We have a couple of types that we'd like to get people into right now.

Do you have AIM or MSN? If you want to try it, that might be the easiest way to talk about ideas. You can email one of us (or just crew@therogue.net) and let us know.

I have AOL but I can talk to people with AIM. I'm CityGur16 *one not a L*

Sounds good to me, I have a few ideas but I'm uncertain... Will it be okay if I'm not overly active in RPGing? I'm always busy and if I get on, I'm sneaking onto the boards and I can't actively post unless I know my sister or mother is out of the house.

we have no problem with people posting only once every couple weeks or so, but we really discourage anyone from playing if they know they are not allowed to or can get in trouble with their parents. it's not a good idea to take part in internet activities if your mother doesn't want you to, so see if she will let you before you apply. we are happy to answer questions from parents if that will help, but we really prefer it if everyone follows their own house rules first.

Actually last summer I asked her if I could join Daughters of the Goddess and she said that she would never allow me to join ANY RPG. She found out about Dabir but she thought I quit... She doesn't think I'm on any message boards but my sister knows so that's why I'm only on at home to browse... I won't apply for Shiver if you're worried about me getting into trouble though. It's fine.

Hey! Why are you taking applications to play me?!

(Evil is fun, yesh.)

I could try, only I'd suck hugely at Evil. I can't even write villains in fricking FAN FICTION.

Oh my gosh, yes! I actually am pretty free for a little bit, so if it's really soon I might be able to. If you want me to.

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