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my drawing sucks right now. i am working too much and neglecting my own work and what i get from that is that i can't draw worth crap. i hate when that happens. but it's really bad, and it makes me grouchy because everyone i know can draw so well and i thought i could draw well, but i'm totally losing my grasp. i can't draw people and it sucks because if i can't draw people, all my attempts at dolls suck. i keep starting dolls that i don't think will get finished. i have a really pretty little fredje doll but she's too pretty and not punk enough to be fredje-- kind of too complacent. she looks like fredje pre- all the interesting bits and she simply can't carry a dagger or wear wacky underwear. so she must be redone.

i have the smashing pumpkins doll, who has a few outfits and i really like most of them so far, but i just don't feel like working on her lately. maybe i'll just go back and do more ava adore costumes since that's her best one.

i have the little nekomimicon doll which i was really into but haven't worked on in weeks because i have too much work work to do. the nekomimicon doll is cute but...

i also have the pixie doll that i started with mariye, and the doll megan and i started almost a year ago who is beautiful but who neither of us have worked on in a long time. the pixie doll is just so intimidating, every time i open her up i look at her and do a little stuff but she needs a lot of work.

i wanna do something interesting. but i don't feel like i have time; i keep getting pulled away. and i feel stupid and shitty because all these other people make like a doll a week and complain that it's dragging when their stuff takes like a month, but a month is quick for me. it takes me a month to be happy with a base doll.

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