December 29th, 2001

cap, captain miss america

doodly! doodly!

i have ONE FRIEND!

i almost wrote ONE FRIED!

but i have ONE FRIEND!

hi rick!

my parents are having a sleepover with me, but my mommy is asleep and my daddy is channel-surfing. mikey is away and i'm all lonely so they came in and bought me steaky-wakey with friend parsnips on top and some carpaccio and now i am full up.

i like being a bitch sometimes, but i hate when people treat me like i'm being a bitch when i amn't. i don't think personal attacks are appropriate in public forums and i frankly just want to leave it be in terms of personal issues, but DUDE... tigerlady is not a real rational person. she told me that i couldn't possibly have known rick's context in his totally misconstruction of a statement he made, and then misquoted him to prove it. i hate when people don't follow rules in an argument, because you just can't follow rules back. and then she turned it into a personal slander. here she is talking about how she was angry because someone made a personal comment, and then made really nasty personal comments that weren't based on anything. maybe she is having a bad day in real life. oh well.

i am full of steak.

i am going to find quizzes to fill this thing up wif.