January 7th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

omelette crush

do you ever feel yourself falling in love with someone you really ought to know better about?

the last time i did that was over 3 years ago. i had a horrifying dream about someone i didn't know very well. it took place on a subway, and we spoke two different languages. i woke up and i was in love. i cried myself to sleep every night for a week, which i don't think made mikey feel real happy.

however, i figured out how to get over a crush that time. i call it "making friends." and i love that person very, very much, more than most people i know, but i haven't got a crush on him anymore.

friends are good.

i have a crush on someone else i oughtn't. it's a very very stupid one and i should be grown-up enough to know better but the first time i even came into contact with this person, i sort of knew immediately, without having any sort of communication, that i'd wind up doing this. d'oh.

the difference between then and now is that now i can laugh at myself. i am so stupid.

it's okay.
cap, captain miss america

so sleepy

i am almost too tired to work. i feel like i'm looking at my monitor through liquid. there are little blue and yellow dots in front of my eyes and it is hard to read. it's not that i haven't gotten enough sleep; i got seven something, but i just keep feeling like a weekend is not enough time for me to recuperate. every week i am a little more tired than the week before and my eyes and neck hurt a little more. by the end of the day i am now tearing. i've been getting massive headaches by thursday or friday but i'm starting to get one now. and the office is really cold. i'm wearing my coat and armwarmers and snow pants and i took my shoes off so i can tuck my feet behind my knees to stay warm.

i want to go home and crawl under a blankie.

at least i got my video copy of amelie today. it has the eligibility list on the back. i wanna be a member of the academy so people send me movies. that would be nice.


the problem is i go home and can't sleep because i want to work on my own stuff which is being sadly neglected. lilah was nice but i have done ardly much work besides that. the reindeers were a lot of work and i've been doing some work for poodle and making costumes for alex's co-lab. i started doing some stuff for may; i want to think of something really bizarre to do for may's. i did a new haircut for may's doll. i did a cave man outfit and i am working on a caterpillar costume for alex's doll. she hasn't seen them yet. i am trying to figure out how to do the hookah for the caterpillar costume, or if to do one at all.

and i need to work on my nekomimi.

and write. i haven't written much of charming in a long time. i think i said i really want to get to the bits about tola. but i have no time to write, or my eyes hurt too much or my head is too fuzzy. it is bad.

cap, captain miss america

robbed from kimiki


1. Do you put style over comfort? depends where i'm going.
2. Do you like bright, vivid colors over more mellow shades? neither. i like rich but off-colors and black.
3. Do you like gold jewelry better than silver? always silver. gold is tacky.
4. Do you like pop over rock? no
5. Do you like rap over rock? no
6. Do you have a problem with baring skin? i would like to bear skin but there are very few even strappy things that fit me because of my enormous boobs. however i would not let people see my upper legs; they all wobbly.
7. Do you like "classic" style? in terms of what?
8. Would you rather be sexy than cute? umm. i'm not going to say anything about the contradictory sense of this phrase. sexy isn't a mode of dress. sexy depends on the person. skanky is a mode of dress.
9. Would you rather be pretty over unique? another doggone bullshit question. unique IS perty.
10. Have you ever heard of all 3 of these bands: whahuh? no bands listed.
11. Would you call yourself a geek, nerd, or loser? geek. sometimes nerd. not loser.
12. Do you like Ecko and/or Tommy Hilfiger and/or Nautica? only ecko. it has pretty rhinos on it.
13. Do you like...thick black framed glasses? i like them on mikey.
14. ...Chain wallets, yes or no? who cares?
15. ...Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers, yes or no: chucks are cool but not for me. wore them in high school.
16. ...Mini skirts, yes or no? hell no.
17. ...Halter tops and/or tube tops, yes or no? not even if i wanted to. which i don't.
18. ...Argyle and plaid, yes or no? very yummy.
19. ...Leather and/or vinyl, yes or no? yes please.
20. ...Velvet and lace, yes or no? depends on what the item is.
21. ...Belly button rings, yes or no? neh.
22. ..Facial piercings and/or tongue ring, yes or no? no thank you. i like my tongues uncastrated.
23. ...Manic panic hair dye, yes or no? only if the dye job is good. most little tykes don't bleach before they do it.
24. ...Baggy pants, yes or no? i like baggy pants, but more raver-baggy, not like gangsta baggy or i have no ass baggy.



a: name you like to be called = tea
b: name you don't like to be called (but have been called) = tams. if you call me that you die.
c: if you could change anything about your name it would be = um, my name is all good.
d: if you could have the name of any character from the bond movies it would be = i wouldn't. not a big bond fan.
e: names you call the people in your home = mikey!
f: silliest name you've ever been called = mikey used to call me yum-yum and shnugly. cj used to call me tommy.
g: worst pronunciation of your name = let's not go there.



a: your favorite season = fall
b: your favorite season to roll down a big hill during = winter
c: your favorite weather = grey and slightly drizzly or thunderstorming, warm enough to walk i n.
d: your favorite weather to roll down a big hill during = snow.
e: swing sets (state your opinion) + i can kick your lame ass on ma high powered speedy swing.
f: roller skates (state your opinion) = love skates.
g: ice skates (state your opinion) = love skates.
h: bikes (state your opinion) = fine, don't have much chance to ride one.
i: carnivals, circuses, etc. (state your opinion) = eww dirty. but the costumes are cool. old style circus is cool. freak shows are cool. dumbo is my friend.
j: running amuck (state your opinion) = why?
k: jumping, skipping, rolling, flipping, hopping, curtseying (state your opinion) = sometimes. too tired right now.
l: sitting online for hours on end (state your opinion) =that is my whole life.


a: singer = billie holiday, david eugene edwards.
b: band = smashing pumpkins, 16 horsepower, elvis costello.
c: artist = moreau, burne-jones, brothers quay
d: fruit = pomegranate.
e: shape of noodle = won ton
f: bathing option =scrubby hot showers.
g: car =hate cars.
h: thing about your body = elbows, scar, hip bones, eyes, hair
i: thing about other peoples bodies = hands


a: sex or love-making = sex is too generic but love-making is dweeby-sounding.
b: your answer or fucking = i like fucking as a swear word.
c: boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs or commando = boxers or boxer-briefs.
d: thongs, regular underwear = no thong you.
e: black or white = black
f: your answer or red = black
g: goth or punk = this shouldn't even be a question.
h: your answer or raver = again. haven't you ever seen a goth raver?
i: your answer or skater = and again.
j: picard or janeway = don't get it.
k: pulp or no pulp = i like jarvis cocker please. i am allergic to oranges.
l: fries or nachos = fries
m: magazines or comics = comics
n: fiction or non-fiction = only children's books, either.
o: plays or movies = movies. you can't take a play home with you.
p: art galleries or concerts = definitely galleries.
q: toes or fingers = fingers.
r: cats or dogs = kitties
s: sexy or raunchy = sexy
t: naked or lingerie = i don't like lingerie so much.
u: she on top or he on top (assuming heterosexual relationship, i apologize) = who cares?
v: fantasy or science fiction = depends on the book.
w: clockwork orange or rocky horror picture show = clockwork.
x: doom or damnation = damnation.
y: plain or with toppings = depends what.
z: marinara (red sauce) or pesto (green stuff) = pesto.

pick a word for every letter of the alphabet, use the first one that comes to mind

a: alphabet
b: bungle
c: cougar
d: dolphin
e: eglantine
f: fort
g: goof
h: hid
i: in
j: jugular
k: kick
l: limoncello
m: morose
n: nitpick
o: onion
p: paleolithic
q: qwerty
r: rescue
s: stammer
t: turtle
u: uvula
v: venus
w: worm
x: xenon
y: yellow
z: zebra