January 8th, 2002

cap, captain miss america


i always look for moods that ain't here. like impatient. or eager.

mikey is getting an LJ! i command everyone to list him once he has it, but more on that later. he says he is going to use it to update people on the welfare of our plushies.

we shall see.

so i went to get myself rice crackers, not much time fo' lunch today, and the elevator opened on my floor to reveal this walking stereotype of a gothic punk, big black hair and silver bangles and blue nail plolish and ALL. with a gee-tar. and i got on the elevator and he said hi! to me int his very cute eager beaver voice. so i said hi back and hid in the corner. the elevator is not large. but i was still stupidly shy. oh well. he was adorable. i was sort of shocked he said hi to me, i am not at all gothed out but i must look sympathetic. or pale. i guess the hot pink and chartreuse armwarmers and military jacket under big wool hooded coat could do it. it was funny, and then walking out of the building i held the door open for him (because my mommy taught me to always do that) and he said thank you. he had a very cute chipper voice for a goth rocker.

then he walked across the street.

i had rice crackers and dr. pepper for lunchy-o.
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