January 18th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

too tired

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i wanna finish reading rick's long post, really i do, but can't keep my eyes focused on the monitor. maybe tonight i will write my own long post in response. i was working on the am@eacute;lie project until two last night. yawn. i wanna be working on my *own* work until two; and while this project is more or less *my baby* it isn't *my work.* beh.

anyway, my eyes hurt. the work is hard. but hopefully it is close to being finished and then i can sleep. three day weekend, but i'm kidding myself if i think i'm not going to end up working on work. i want not to. last mlk day, my mother came into the cty and we wandered about a lot thinking about seeing a movie, but we never did. we got freezing; it was drizzling, and wonderful.