January 31st, 2002

cap, captain miss america


yesterday i gave myself a facial, with this ooky-gooky stuff that you put all over your skin and it turns dry and REALLY SHINY so i looked like plastic-o. it was cool; someday i'll do that and dress in all black and slick my hair back and take photos. but not last night. then it peels off, like elmer's glue. it really hurt over my lip where i have my nice little transparent girly-stache peachfuzz. but then it came off and my skin was oh-so-smoove.


now i am at work. almost done with this current project. i worked more on the nekomimicon last night because i couldn't decide really how to draw lily for the SP doll, so i drew hathor and khnum instead.

i had an awesome idea this morning, for a doll of a kid who works in mcdonald's who secretly daydreams of being a superhero, called "golden arches youth army defense force kelly o'neill" she would have typical uniforms from mcdonalds and a ronald suit and then cool superhero clothes that were the micky-dees colors and a SM-type wand with a big golden M on it...but it would be set in a little fast-food joint and there would be happy-meal toys and condiments and you could customize the specials menu with snap-to ingredients.

but i don't think i will probably make that doll. it sounds like a good idea, but no. if anyone wants to steal the idea, tell me and maybe i will submit something to it, but i don't think i woud do it myself.

the valentine's colab is coming okay, i don't even have half the submissions yet though which concerns me. last time i had most of them well ahead of time. i will write to everyone tonight. however some of the submissions are freakin' AWESOME! wow. they's amazin'. i'm really excited by them. i have to figure out how to showcase them properly. i think i know. i think i will make candy hearts with the name of each person who submitted and then you can click on them and when you do, their submission maps.

food comes soon! food is good! yay food! i am getting tofu tod and steamed seafood dumplings for lunch, whenever they come.

they came as i wrote that. deeeeeelicious.