February 14th, 2002

cap, captain miss america


so i'll start with this morning. i woke up after having this dream about some weird italian museum which opened out of my hometown library. among other things, at one point in the dream (yes, this was WTC-inspired, i know), an airplane did a loop-de-loop in the air and crashed nose first into the ground maybe about three blocks away. i think i know where. i grew up very near 2 airports so there were always low-flying planes and many major plane crashes (flight 800 (the paris one), that one in november(the dominican one), a couple others) happened close to my home.

i went to work uneasy. my parents want to take me to italy this march and i felt as if this dream was some sort of bad travel premo.

at about four-thirty, we smelled smoke. it didn't look like it was in our office, so we opened a window and looked out to see where it was. a girl in the building cross from us waved frantically that there was a fire in our building. so we got up and left. the hall was full of smoke but were went down the stairs pretty safely. we told the desk attendant and he said, "yeah, well i called building management. do you think i should call the fire department?' DUDE.

really, within minutes of getting outside, the FDNY was there because someone in the next building had called. so we walked across the street, waited there for a little. i walked down the block to he odd-job and bought mikey his valentine's present, a blender (how romantic! but we are cooks), and walked back over. the street was barricaded; they weren't letting anyone else on it, but some of my coworkers were still there. so i snuck onto the street by going through the parking garage that has entrances both on our street (38th) and the next block (37th). they were smashing the glass out of the windows to disperse the smoke. then i came home because it didn't look like we'd be allowed back in.

it was an interesting day. i got home by 5:30 and i've just been sitting around. so much for using this time productively.