March 5th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

stuff to say

hmm, i meant to post this yesterday. or the day before. or something like that.

i had this dream this weekend, it was, like pioneer days and there was this widower with three sons. the oldest one was named bobby and he was about 17ish and then there was one named benny who was probably about 13 and then billy who was probably like 8 or 9. the widower gets a mail-order bride to "take care of the boys" but of course she is younger than the oldest son. she was kind of wispy but had nice brown pioneer girl coloring and nice dark corn syrup colored hair. i don't know what her name was. anyway, she and the oldest son, bobby, ended up falling in love and plotting ot kill the father (not really, they just mostly fantasized about it) but then the father died anyway; he had some kind of accident or something on the road and the two of them were all angsty and then i don't remember what happened but yes, it was essentially ju dou, i realized after i woke up.

i saw colin last night; he came over to my house. he moved back into manhattan which is good. he also got a tattoo. he is now inscribed with the last line of purgatory, in italian. he is very silly.

elaine's novelia set is awesome; if you haven't looked at it you should. my character, dahlia davenport, got a mention in the text.
the invincible dahlia davenport is a character who came from my family background (the davenports of connecticut). she has a strong love of adventure only matched by her strong love of liquor. i wrote couple songs about her , one as a kid that was about her getting drunk and gambling, and the other which was about her falling in love, which has the line, "dahlia is drinking brandy, but everybody knows that's not her name."