March 7th, 2002

cap, captain miss america


okay, i really want to get involved in some kind of online RPG thing. but i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE anything involving violence, fighting, or competition of any kind. this makes it really hard to find RPGs to play in. i've done moos but i am not particularly fond of them because i dont want all those level of privileges either. i liked having my own moo because i had an ability to create things. i just want to create an interesting avatar & be able to RP with other people online. that's it. any suggestions?

cap, captain miss america

updating journal stuff

i meant o add "wicked fairies" to my interests but i added "wicked dairies" instead.

i think i shall leave it that way. i was not interested in wicked dairies until after i added it, because i didn't think they existed. but now i know they do. i remember being to a wicked dairy as a chile; i must have repressed that memory. now it all comes flooding back to me. wicked, wicked dairies.

i also found this person: hardly_love who happens to be the only other person on LJ who has "three wishes" listed as an interest. that must be important.