March 8th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

this morning

i have no email.

i don't think that is quite possible. but i got NO EMAIL.

mikey is away. actually, he is at my parents' house. i am going to go out there tonight and we will all have dinner and maybe watch a movie or something. mikey is observing an english class for homework.

rick, i keep forgetting to bring the things i want to mail you to work so i can take them to the post office. sorry!

so the concept for the LJRPG is getting more filled-out; i guess we're actually doing this thing. jen is right, we need to define a space. i also want to have an element of control over who plays; i don't want anyone who will take themselves too seriously, i think this is going to be a fictional secret society. open to people i know and recommended guests. if you need a little help with the concept, read phillip pullman's "the golden compass"--okay, it's a long book...but that's the sort of feeling i'm thinking of, only without the violence. yum.

i think kimiki is right, too, we may not need character descriptions. i really want this to be more dialogue-based.
oh, and the personality test would work this way: you would have to answer for your CHARACTER, not for you. i'm thinking of things similar to the questions in kimiki's inu-yasha quiz, like the one about what do you do when faced with danger? and then whenther you would stand and fight, call for help, run away, or whatever, would determine certain characteristics of your char.

but maybe we don't need that.

the thing about playing it this way is anybody can pretty much be whoever they want-- we can have gothic heroines, inventors (ahem,rick), dilletantes, poets, masons, skeptics, communists, whatever, and they can all co-exist happily. and theoretically if someone wants to be from another time, they can be a time-traveller a la HG wells. sound good?

so, here are is a poll about spaces. we can obviously "take excursions" and change the meeting-place from time to time, but for the beginning, would you like the society to meet

Poll #22263 LJRPG location?

where would you like the RPG to take place?

in an upper-class salon in a big city
in a pub/bar/etc
above a brothel
in an airship (zeppelin)
in an airship (flying boat)
in the library of a mysteeeerious castle
in an english-style garden
in a tea room/ tea house
in a library/office of a distinguished university
in a secret room within a crypt

or, submit your own

YAY! i made a poll! let's see if that works