March 12th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

foods i do not like:

1: any and all members of the squash family:
this includes squash, melons, zuck-chini, pumpkins, gourds, and so-forth. these make me puke. the most offensive squashes make me puke if i smell them

2: in case they are not part of the above, eggplants:
these also make me puke.

3: bananas. these make me puke if i am within five feet of them.

4: bivalves, excepting clams:
all other bivalves make me puke. univalves and other crustaceans do not. i lurve snails.

5: "quickbreads." the ones with ingredients that fall into the above categories especially, but also including fruity ones with fruist i like, like apples or pears. as above, puke.

6: ripe corn. i enjoy dried corn, cormeal products, corn nuts, and popping corn. but NOT ripe corn. this also makes me puke.

non-puking items:
mushrooms, tomatoes unless they are very fresh, eel, raw or large pieces of cooked pepper, american mayonaise, pasta in a can, asparagus unless it is very young, dry tannic red wines.

that's all i can think of for now.

cap, captain miss america

she is perfect like the sun

and if that weren't already complicated
it seems like i'm the only one
who sees her lighting up a million faces
she travels on a roto band
gliding past because she has no friends
home alone when day is done
because she's perfect like the sun

she eats her dinner at the diner counter
grilled cheese and a glass of ice water.
men who stare repulsed because they want her.
all they can think is she's someone's daughter.

can't keep their eyes off her
though she would never take an offer.
she doesn't need another stalker.
so it seems i'm the only one.
because she's perfect like the sun.

and if that weren't the strangest problem to solve
it seems like i'm the only one
who's going after her with any resolve
she could be pretty as the day
no one would be compelled to turn away
but her phaser's set to stun
because she's perfect like the sun.