March 18th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

not to nag but

i am Veeeeeeeery close to finishing my mood icons! i would really like folks to tell me if there are specific changes that need to be made. i have even added some since that last nagging post. i have 86/134 or just about 2/3 with unique icons. i would like to get 5 or 6 more done and then i will send it in and hopefully then it will be published soon. right now i am running it off my personal server which means i can't really let people use it because i pay for my b/w. but i would love for people to be able to.

here is the link again to nag. thanks for all your help.
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cap, captain miss america


on eilonwy's recommendation, i just purchased a bunch of tamora pierce books (yes, i got ones that take place in tortall and sidestepped the other series for now), as well as a couple jane yolen books i haven't read. those will be my italy reading since most of the books my mother purchased are ones i've already read, like death in venice. i love death in venice but i've been too intimate with it in the past-- kept meticulous notes on that one.

not too busy at work today; i can't wait to get home because i think i can finish my mood set tonight. then on to nekomimicon. i feel a little like i should rush her so she will be out before i go to italy, but i don't know...i don't think i may be able to get her finished no matter what, since i am not really going ot be around this weekend-- will probably be in delaware for my grandmother's birthday.

today my little brother nate:

turns 21. that is an old picture of him; i need a new one. he is 21! yeesh!

i think that is all for now. back to workeddy.