March 19th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

a little concern

the IKL is eating my bandwidth like crazy. my bandwidth use has shot way up, and at first i assumed it was my new doll which kind of freaked me out-- it was a lot of space. but no!! the IKL uses 66% of my total bandwidth! that's a ton! for example, the other day is got 1758 hits. not that many, except consider that the page itself is 100k. it's a big page. that's almost 176 mb of my 500 mb b/w allowance.

so i'm thinking about finding a cheap "unlimited bandwidth" service just for hosting the IKL-- say $9/month or cheaper with cheap or free setup fee. i could put up a redirect where it is now and the IKL could have its own space.

anyone have suggestions?