March 26th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

i've been neglecting my journal

since i left for delaware. now i'm back. docmanhattan described our trip so i don't feel like i need to. i'm going to italy on thurs so i apologize for not keeping up to date.

working on this forbes project for work, worked on it all night last night. i had a really good review on it, the guy from forbes totally loved it. that made me happy and somewhat more confident in my ability to do my job.

i can't wait to go to italy. i feel like i'm going away for much longer than a week. i feel like i don't have to go back to work, which is a stupid way to feel since of course i will. i wish mikey were coming with me, but that's okay, i will be with my mommy and daddy.

i almost feel like i'm not really going; i can't quite imagine that i am getting in a plane and going. i can't envision myself going. or things i will be doing there even though i'll be in cities i've been in a few times before.

i'm being excluded from an interview with some people which includes a designer. i don't like being excluded from such things. the less i'm included in, the less i like my job. i want to be part of decisions that will affect me.

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