March 27th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

i already miss mikey

mikey has to leave to go to connecticut for passover with his family today. i will not see him again before i leave for italy. that is very sad; i wish he were coming. i know i will see him in a little over a week but it still feels like we are saying goodbye for a long time. we haven't been away from each other for this long in quite a while.

i still don't really feel like i am going anywhere. there is this big fuzzy block between me and being on vacation, like thick gray fog.

it's not going to be terribly warm, though. it's not going to be above 65 the whole time i am there. and it might rain. that's okay, it just means that i bought all these clothes to take on my trip and they are not quite the appropriate gear. it's okay, i just packed more warm stuff. and i will take my leather jacket. mikey is letting me take his delightful gel-handle backpack with me. that makes me happy. i also have six books to read. i should have had eight but i already read two of the immortals books i bought for the trip. i am bad about things like that. i can't not read books when they are sitting in front of me.
cap, captain miss america

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rrrrr, they're now saying terrorist threats in italy on easter, in florence which is where i will be. that's annoying. it doesn't make me feel real good. i mean, i am not a typical tourist & i will not be in typically touristy places. but it makes me frustrated because what am i supposed to do about it? throw up my hands and say, "okay, no vacation!" i mean, how stupid can you get? but at the same time, if something bad happens, there's this huge I TOLD YOU SO thing looming on all the newspaper headlines. blech.