April 5th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

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who's back?

tea's back.

i am actually at the 'rents and can't respond to my mails, etc...right now so please don't be offended if i owe you a note.


i got the coolest venetian mask ever made. rick, you're gonna love it.

oh, and eilonwy & alex, i read the first 2 keladry books. i loved them so much. i read all of the immortals, and liked them, but i really like keladry. i made myself exercises to get over my vertigo thanks to her. i doubt they'll work, but hey...

i also wrote 20 pages, or rewrote the beginning of fredje's story. it's the same story, told differently, from ravain's viewpoint. it might have too much dialogue, but the two main characters are talkative people.

okay, i will do more updatin' later. hi hi hi.