May 14th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

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oh! my work computer is not rebooting! mucho problemo. i am running disk first aid on it right now and hopefully that will work, but is frustratingo. i hope it is not a major major blowout.

stupid crashy mac. it wasn't misbehaving or anything. this is how i know misanthropy loves me. misanthropy has many problems but will not die on me because it loves me. this computer, whose name is lekikcher, was not warning me that it even had a tummyache. it is only 14 mos old. and it is being a BIG crybaby now.

i am on my little pc. it looks like lekikcher will be repaired.

mikey read a bunch of my book and he didn't think it sucked. that is a step in the right direction. he had a couple good ideas too. he was very critical of my attempting to take on the dumb stereotypes of the entire genre but other than that he was so far helpful and supportive. i don't think the book is much his taste which makes it difficult. he does like my dialogue.

i guess that is one thing i am good at, writing dialogue. i can't write description very well,apparently. i think it goes to show that i spent most of my life writing plays and screenplays, where the descriptions are in parentheses and very straightforward and maybe not so exciting, and the dialogue is very strong and propels the story.

i think it will be interesting to write a series where every book is about a different character. & i mean not just from a different POV-- i mean each book takes place in a different country, and most of the protagonists never meet from one book to the next. but they're about the same world and how different people cope with the same issues. i wonder if that is something people will be interested in reading.

my 'pooter is about fixed. i will go now, i guess.