July 3rd, 2002

cap, captain miss america

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so aiko jumped off the roof last night and cut her arm up. this caused a few amusing problems.

i think i need to create a journal just for aiko. maybe i'll make a friends-only group so all the rest of my friends don't have to hear about fictional people you don't know.

i'm going to meet DM and krys tonight! i was going to make paper plate masks of our RP chars so we could take funny pics but i never got to a store to by yarn for hair. oh well. this is going to be fun!

i'm feeling terribly antisocial. my parents want me to come out for the 4th. i don't particularly want to go anywhere. mikey is pushing me to go out there because he thinks someone is going to nuke manhattan on the 4th or something. oy. i feel bad being antisocial toward the rents but i can't help it. my mom's response was "i understand. you've been like that all your life."