July 8th, 2002

cap, captain miss america

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i'm semi- amazed by some of the things that happen in RP. it's very strange when characters think for themselves at the spur of the moment. i had thought at thought of things for aiko to say...you know, "what will she say, what will she say?" and then sometimes she will just say something that would never have occurred to me, not in a million years. like when she screamed to find mina. that was nuts. i was sitting there trying to figure out how the hell she was going to find mina, and what does she do? she goes, "oh, let me figure out what that sound is by replicating it at a louder volume." and she said it would work. and it did.

thinking like her is weird. she thinks before she speaks, which is something i have never done, as many of you well know. and despite her response when asked, yes, she does see everything as a problem to be solved. there's a one to one correspondence for her too.

geesh, for any of you who have never done written RP, i highly recommend it as a writing exercise. it's a great way to study character development, it is to writing what improv is to theater.

enough for now.
cap, captain miss america


i apologize for the frequency of posts today; i know i hate it when people post a kabillion times and drive down all my friends' posts. *sigh*

but this is frightening.

thye had been reporting this weekend that manhattan was being affected by forest fires in canada.

you do the math there.

so anyway, i went outside for a small walk.

new york city is covered in a whitish haze.

there is the delicious sweet smell of charred wood.

it's beautiful, but tremendously disturbing.

update: talking about this at work over a glass of delicious anguillan rum. ursula says, "oh, so that's why new york smells so good right now."