July 12th, 2002

cap, captain miss america


so, a few nights ago i colored the pic of kataly that is now one of my new user pics, and i was insanely happy with it. i haven't done coloring in aaaaaaages, it takes too long, i usually think, and i drew in b/w for so long that i always tell myself i don't like color (though, ha, if i don't like color, what was i thinking when i did the louise brooks doll, which i guess i should send to dov soon...but i digress, oh but that is why i used parentheses).

i realized i did like color; i loved the way it made k.'s little pencil sketch look like a painting...most people who color analogs do line drawings and then color and shade them entirely in p-shop, which i think i'm inept at, mostly because i don't really cartoon...i became enamored of the way the "paint" looked mixed with pencil, with grayscale shading overlaid on airbrushed color. i loved the way it made kataly's hair and lips and scars look...oh.

so then last night while aiko was talking to everett i drew a pic of him, and then i colored that one too. i'm really digging the colors. it was a nice sketch, but colored...his hair looked freakin' awesome. coloring it in made it go from looking like a nice sketch to looking like a real illustration, an "if i could color an entire scene in this fashion it could amount to something" which is sort of exciting to me.

resolution 1.

purchase a decent scanner

resolution 2.

better yet, your birthday is less than a month away, tea.

resolution 3.

practice drawing more.

maybe when i get home from work i'll post sketch-ev and colored-ev here just for the purposes of y'all being able to understand what this is doing to me.