January 30th, 2003

cap, captain miss america

going back to vassar

so, less than three years out of college and next week i'll be going back to give my first of two talks they've asked me to come up to give.

it's a little weird, you know, going to give a talk at a college. i've done a couple now at art schools in the city but this is at VASSAR, i'm like, dude, i'd better not screw this up, i've always walked in and been like blah blah blah and oh yeah blah blah, but i'm not a public speaker, it's not what i do. i just get excited and blab at people. doing this at vassar?

i mean, i know it'll be fun, but this talk is about stuff i do for a living, and i don't want to come off as a sellout, you know, i'm afraid that because we're selling our product that i've spent the past two years working on that i'll feel like one big walking ad, despite the fact that we're all artists here. i dunno.

whee, so talk. blah blah. egocentric networks. metabrowsers. a new language for the internet. how do you make sense of a macrocosm?

all these funny academic things i'd never thought of, like the fact that i need to have a title for my talk. whoooooo. i opened up my notes from two years ago, when we were just starting out, and threw a bunch of phrases at rain.

i'm all butterflies in the stomach over this. i'm so lucky i work in such a unique environment. yup, we're a business. yup, we're dedicated to social good through communication. yes, we're an art project. or something.

i'm giving a talk at vassar in one week.