August 5th, 2003

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Anne Neville

Continuing the Sir Francis Lovell Theory. (warning-- the lovell theory has OotP spoilers in it)

Ratcliffe was considered Richard's "Pet."

--He Killed Edward, one of his greatest adversaries.
--He married her-- her name was Anne.
--Their Families, being of the House of York, were totally intertwined.
--Her blood helped seal his throne.
--Her family helped bring on his downfall.

--They're called the NEVILLES.

When Richard was taken down, WHO SUCCEEDED HIM?
(and was in theory just as bad)

H. A. R. R. Y.


I love Richard III
cap, captain miss america

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Yo, so here's the deal. I'm going to do this backwards and urge others to do the same. Instead of people asking to BE interviewed (though just asked silpi and themis to interview me, and got a bunch of nice questions back, which I WILL answer,

ASK ME QUESTIONS. Anyone who wants to interview me, tack five questions to this post.

Because tea has to do everything the hard way.

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