December 25th, 2003

cap, captain miss america

merry christmas, fattie!

haruspexy knows what this is about, so i might as welll explain it to everyone else.

every year, my dad buys me an angel figurine and my brother a bear figurine. usually they have something to do with something we did in the past year. so, like, i got an angel with a computer.

my dad got my brother a BEAR ON A SCALE because he GAINED FORTY POUNDS. but my mom wouldn't let me throw baby jesus at him. so now i'm wrapping up the old bathroom scale and putting it in my dad's present pile. :D
cap, captain miss america

Christmas thoughts from tea:

1) best present received: giant stick
recipient: daddy
purpose: to replace the one up his butt.

2) if last year, apocalypse now was considered a christmas movie, then it would follow that:

a) manchurian candidate is a christmas movie
b) othello is a christmas movie
c) notorious is a christmas movie
d) the tempest is a christmas movie
e) all of the above