February 18th, 2004

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i just finished my project for art class. it's the best still life ever. i call it "still life with marshmallow peeps" and it will be my masterpiece.

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no, not really. it's just one of these things, though, it's cool, like, the last time i took art classes, i had four other classes to take, one of which was intro film, one of which was the most godawful creative writing class ever, and one of which was the full year shakespeare thing, all of which sucked up my life majorly. so now i can spend a lot more time concentrating on my art classes, especially since one of my instructors always forgets to give us homework. i mean, i remember when i was taking intro drawing at vassar, just trying to get through the assignments as quickly as i could, but now i can actually think about them and spend time doing them and it rocks.

valentine's candy is now 75% off :D
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