July 15th, 2005

cap, captain miss america

cutest ever

So, I'm going over to my local bookstore around 11:30ish tonight to wait on line for the book.

I am buying Harry Potter from the independent bookseller here in Porter Square, because this is one of those nights where a small bookstore can do the kind of business that will keep them in the black.

The people who work there, however, are old women in their sixties and they're all very cute little old ladies. Despite the fact that I have been explaining this to them for three weeks now, they think that the party they are throwing tonight will mainly be attended by children, ages 7-12.

That's right. The party is from 11 to midnight, and they are still innocently of the belief that all the rabid Harry Potter fans are young children. I am wondering how many twentysomethings have gone in to sign up for their copy of the book and been presumed to be the parent of the child it's for.

Yes. So they are having a party. They have a big banner in the window advertising it. They are going to have juice and cupcakes and arts and crafts, and the are really expecting that in one of the biggest college towns in the country, their party is going to be all little kids.

It's so cute.

In addendum:

It seems like EVERYONE is going in Harry Potter themed clothing tonight, if not cosplaying outright. Geez louise. So anyway, as usual, I have to have the best costume there. But my pirate clothes are all packed away! Oh no! What is a girl to do?

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