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cap, captain miss america


So, guys! Anyone who signs up for the service-- we are live but still very limited in functionality and we are depending on feedback from people who use it to make it better and cooler and more fun. We have a load of ideas for things that aren't implemented yet, and people who get involved now will definitely have opportunities to let us know what they think and make suggestions.

Also, I am writing the official company blog, Hubster. If you make something really cool on Hub, please, please, please send me the link. If your friends make something cool, send me the link. I need loads of fodder for stuff to feature. Webcomics, photoblogs, illustrated stories, foodblogs, or anything else image-heavy would be great. And specifically for my LJ friends: Any of you who submit a channel that I use as a feature will get a present from me. I am not sure what the nature of this present will be but it will most likely be drawn, photoshopped, or crocheted.

Please send us your feedback & have fun! Add me as a contact when you've signed up-- either as Tea or as Hubteam.

ETA: Going to the theater with my mom-- she got tickets to some play I've never heard of-- so I'll be back late-ish! But then I will gush more.