February 15th, 2007


I Love My City

When I was a little girl, around November 1 or 2 every year, my father would bring out the calendar and make us each pick two days that we thought would be the biggest snowstorm of the year. If we hit the day, he bought us a treat.

He always chose the same days-- his father's birthday and Valentine's Day.

This year he would have won.

Yesterday at work, I had to take a photo of the weather in NYC for an update to our official channel. Maciej took one look at the photo and suggested I go out every morning, to the same streetcorner, and take a photo standing in the same place, in the same direction.

So last night, in the middle of a snowstorm, I went out to find the right place to stand. This is the result. Sometimes I think I live in the most beautiful place in the world.

Collapse ) If any of you want to see my updated photos of Times Square daily, you can see them all here

If any of you want to go take pictures at my streetcorner, go to the southwest corner of 7th Ave & 42nd street. You will see two manhole covers. Stand on top of the one that is closest to the building and point your camera at the street sign. If you email them to me with the date and approximate (within the hour) time of when you took the photo, I'll post it to my channel.