March 6th, 2007


Oh! And!

I completely forgot this this morning when I was making birthday wishes.

So the subway= insanely crowded this morning. There was this group of kids on a field trip with a couple adults, one of whom, a woman a little older than me, appeared to be their teacher.

So I didn't hear how the conversation got there, but this is where I joined in:

Child #1: ...make you join the Dark Side.
Teacher/Field Trip Chaperone: And what exactly is the Dark Side, Christopher?
Child #1: It's Darth Vaaaaaader. (He said it just like that)
Child #2: No, it ain't! The Dark Side is when you're wearing basketball shorts and nothing underneath.

And that, my friends, is that.
goonies, die


quizzicalsphinx (10:56:52 PM): YES TEA I AM YOUR FATHER

So the truth comes out. This is strangely apropos since I learned What the Dark Side is earlier today.

Also, on the way home from work, my iPod played Stevie Wonder's Ave Maria. Then it immediately played Sinead O'Connor's Ave Maria. Then it immediately played Ave Maria as done by some random tenor indistinguishable from other tenors to me. I think it is trying to tell me to build a shrine to the Blessed Virgin. Out of macaroni.
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