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Project Audrey, part three
audrey, palms
This is going fast from a whim to an obsession! I am at the point where I need for it to come out right, because at this point, it's a matter of pride that I will figure out how to do this!

I am nothing if not persistent!

Anyway, today was try three-- I washed my hair and set it in curlers while it was wet, put some smoothing serum on it while I wrapped it, then sprayed the whole thing when done. I think it took about 25 curlers to do. gildedage wanted to know, but I can't really count. Yes, ninepointfivemm, it's more than one package. I think it's more than two packages.

pics under the cut!Collapse )

In other news, LEASE IS SIGNED. Shit. Tomorrow I have to write the biggest check I have ever written in my life-- 2 months rent plus 15% broker's fee. I have the money, but man. But my dad came with me to sign and he really liked my broker, which is good. He gave the poor guy such a hard time, too. But Michael, the broker, was really good-natured about it and my dad told him that if they end up looking for a place in the city he'll come to him first.

In other other news, work is going amazingly well. We are getting so much shit done. But it's nervewracking. I so want this to succeed, but I'm afraid that someone else is going to come out with a product like ours who already has an audience, like one of the bigger services, and we'll have no chance. It's scary. But we're working our asses off. Wow. It's such a high.

Project Audrey, part four
audrey, palms


Dude, check out the hair.

It is not quite Audrey Horne, but it is way closer than my usual hair is. Hers is still more wavy-- and there is the fact that her hair is probably a good six inches shorter than mine at its longest in the series.

More progression underneath. Plus! Tea hams it up for the camera!Collapse )

I have to say, the fact that this method a) took a lot less time despite it being the old-fashioned way and b)cost a lot less money means I really should have tried it to start instead of futzing around with all those curling irons.

And now, for your listening pleasure:

Poll #970292 Project Audrey Poll

Do you think this looks good enough?

No, it's still too curly!
No, it's too long!
No, it's too big/too fuzzy/not the right kind of curls
Why are you going to all this trouble to get the curls right and not even dyeing it black?
I have no idea, and I'm too lazy to Google a picture of Audrey Horne
Dude, you are completely out of your mind putting this much effort into what you're going to wear to watch a tv show and eat pie.

Should Tea keep working on it?

Yes, she should try shaping the curls more
Yes, she should try bigger curlers
Yes, she should lop off 4 inches of her hair to get it to look closer to the real thing
Yes, she should dye it black
Yes, something else I will tell her to do in the comments
No, she's already wasted too much time/money on this
No, it looks absolutely perfect as is
The French Enlightenment.
Cheez Planx.
I totally ticked two tickies that contradict each other.

If anyone has more suggestions, etc., PLEASE feel free to chime in! Thank you guys all so much for all the help; I never knew there was this much to know about hair. I feel like such a girl now!