April 22nd, 2007

audrey, palms

Project Audrey, part...FOUR? I don't know anymore!

I am sure most of you are wildly sick of hearing about my hair! But I GOT IT SO CLOSE TO RIGHT IT IS AMAZINGLY AMAZING.

For anyone interested in trying to do this, I used a combination of 1" and 1 3/4" wire mesh barrel curlers to do this. I washed my hair, conditioned it, left the conditioner in. Then I combed and parted it with a big plastic comb. Took a section, coated it in Go2b Smoothed over and on some of them I used a squirt of Aveda Firmata. Rolled them up, pinned with rabbit-ear clips, and when I was done, spreayed the whole thing with Frizz Ease hairspray.

Now you know and can do it yourself! All in the name of science!

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The party is tomorrow and I am bringing two pies-- chocolate peanut butter and coconut custard. AND OH MY GOD MY HAIR WILL LOOK AMAZING.


But this was a pretty awesome experiment. Ummm, I know I had other things to tell you all, but...


1) Hot Fuzz rocked. GO see it, especially if you are an action movie fan. The whole fucking movie was like one cop movie joke after another. Best moment? "Forget it, Nicholas. This is Sandford."

2) Disturbia was decent, but nothing compared to Hot Fuzz. See it if you like Hitchcock because they did a great job updating the story.

Also, I signed my lease and paid everything up! I get keys on Wednesday! Everyone needs to come visit after May 15! WOOHOO!

I think I had other things to talk about. Remember when I have a life that didn't revolve around curlers? Yeah, me too! Back after tomorrow night! Unless I decide I want to keep doing this forever and ever.