April 23rd, 2007

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Guilty Pleasures Meme & Other fun

Look! It's not a hair post!

The party was fun! My costume kicked ass, and I ate:

1 Boston Creme Donut
1 Slice of Coconut Pie
1 Slice of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
1 Slice of Lemon Meringue Pie
Lots of Chex Mix
3 Cups Black Coffee
1 Cup Manhattan Special (Coffee & Coke mixed)

This bears informing you all about because I have not, with the exception of silly girly coffee drinks from Starbucks, had a cup of coffee since I was 17. If you have ever wondered about the real effect of caffiene, OH MY GOD. I was so wired. It was exactly like being drunk, except without the judgment issues. I couldn't even type straight. WHOA. Seriously, I think I was capslocking everything I said last night. quizzicalsphinx and liret can probably attest to that. I am assuming the fact that everything else substantial I ate all day contained mass amounts of sugar didn't help. Whoa.

And then I crashed so hard. I ate green beans, though, and those got me out of the crash, which I guess is the benefit caffeine/sugar has over alcohol. I don't think green beans can cure a hangover.

From rattsu

Okay, as a rule, I don't do memes when I'm tagged, but I liked the concept behind this one, despite the fact that I hate the stupid little generator for it.

So I took it out of the generator and I'm not tagging anyone. Just, um, do it if you want to, or post your thoughts here.

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MMM, also, I feel like answering questions. Feel like asking me something? Go ahead and ask me questions in the comments.