April 24th, 2007


The Unpopular Opinions Meme

A lot of people seem to be doing this meme. I understand that the idea behind it is that you post a bunch of opinions which are unpopular. I think the idea is to spur discussion or something, but it seems to me that so far no one has really tried to rock the boat.

And come on, guys, the boat wants to be rocked. That, in itself, may be an unpopular opinion, since it will result in the devil dragging me under by the sharp lapels of my checkered coat, but hey. So far I have seen many controversial opinions posted, but while I don't mean to criticize my friends' list, unpopular still remains to be seen. Especially since most of the comments back on most of these posts appear to be props to the authors.

But never fear! I am here to remedy this!

Collapse )

Those are all of my unpopular opinions for you! Nonetheless, I feel strongly about every one of these ideas which I hold near and dear to my heart. Please feel free to voice your disagreement if you so choose, but I would appreciate it if you keep the flames and ranting to yourself. All of my opinions are very valid and obviously better than yours.