May 8th, 2007

cap, captain miss america


Haha so. I am totally using Maciej's office because there is construction going on over on my side of the office. And the concentrating?


So I have my own office today. Which is awesome.

Anyway, Jesus. I keep not updating and meaning to and I have all kinds of things I meant to post like, ages and ages ago.

Let's start here. People apparently are not sick and tired of looking at my hair. Because people keep asking me for final pics from when I went hair-crazy. So! Here are a few select pics of the final costume!

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And now I promise you will never see another picture of my hair again.

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Hmm. So. Hair, more hair...Last Thursday I went out with a bunch of my coworkers and we had mojitos and then wound up walking around the Lower East Side with an unhinged door, which was, well, probably one of the most supremely ridiculous and fun nights ever. And the DOOR. HAHAHA. Oh my god. Still funny. We also met The Cowboy and The Rabbi, who are not actually the lead-in to a "walked into a bar" joke. And had German food.

Hahahaha door.

The door was seriously awesome. It had a mirror on it, and we took all kinds of photos looking into the mirror but I am not posting those in my journal because I don't know how my coworkers feel about my plastering their faces all over the place. But suffice to say, most hilarious ever. Ever. In, like, ever. It was a green door.

Mmmm what else? Oh! So, Saturday, I know was Cinco de Mayo, but it was more importantly, DERBY DAY. My family is totally into Derby Day and this is the point where I share with you the most importantly important thing about Derby Day:


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On Saturday I also went to see Spiderman 3, which was in my very valued estimation the suckiest suck ever to suck. In other words, it sucked.

On SUNDAY, I went with my parents to look at two houses they are considering. One was very nice. The other was OH MY GOD I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN. It is a reconstructed barn! Like, with sliding barny doors and A HAYLOFT INSIDE THE HOUSE. Oh my god. It was droolworthy and I really hope they put an offer on it. It was a little bit out of their price range, but you never know. I have pics, but they're on my camera and I don't have it with me. Guh.

In other news! I move in EXACTLY ONE WEEK to my new apartment. I am so completely stoked. Fuuuuck I also have to pack. I am giddy and excited and whee! I called the cable yesterday and they are coming the day I move in to hook it up. Oh, shit. I guess that means I need a TV there. Hmm. I will have to figure that out.

But whhheeeee.