May 11th, 2007



I had turkey and milk for lunch. I am falling asleep from the Tryptophan.

Seriously. I almost just fell asleep at my boss' desk.


Also, I would like to inform you all that T-Mobile is evil and requires innocent little art-nerd companies like ours to drown the text messages we send in all kinds of disclaimers that aren't even true. I want them to go away :-( I want my text messages to be all free and happy and full of rainbows.

What else? Hmm. Um. OH! Okay, so:

Pirates Service Announcement

They are having shows before midnight on Thursday! They have one at 8 but liret doesn't think she can get in by then so I bought tickets for the one at 11:35 pm. Tickets are paid for, they were $12 each, but $1 of that was me being lazy and booking online, so you guys can give me $11 each. I have four, if anyone else wants to come, just buy a ticket for the 42 Street Regal E-Walk Theater showing at 11:35 on May 24th. They sell them on Fandango.



You know how I said I did automatic writing on the subway the other day?

Collapse )

That was when the subway stopped! And there ends the train (pun so totally not intended) of thought.

Hahaha I think I am making no sense. Sleepy.